Tuesday, 14 August 2018

July 2018

Katie and Sophie took their first trip to the seaside on Mummy and Daddy's wedding anniversary.

On the beach at Budleigh Salterton

Katie was very excited to see a man taking a boat off the top of a van parked next to us and for weeks afterwards kept mentioning 'boat, van, off'.

We also visited Greendale Farm Shop - somewhere close to home that we'd been meaning to visit for years. It has lots of lovely animals and even a tractor to ride on. Katie saw her first goats, donkey, pigs, peacock, ostrich and deer, all of which she was familiar with from her books. Sophie spent much of the trip crying and the rest asleep, as she did at the seaside. She is not a fan of lying down on her back or being cooped up in a car seat or bouncer.

We spent much of the rest of the month indoors as the risk of sun stroke was too high at the times of day that both children were up and about.

Katie has learned lots of sea animals and creepy crawlies in French this month and we are now learning farm animals together. We have decided that for each foreign language we are teaching her she will have one toy that 'speaks' to her exclusively in that language. Since Rufus the fox came from Germany he has begun speaking to her in German. A bear is one of the national symbols of Russia so her teddy bear will speak to her in Russian (though Mummy is only just beginning to learn this with Katie so the bear will have rather a limited vocabulary to begin with). We have yet to choose toys to speak French, Japanese or Spanish with her, but Mummy and Katie have begun learning Spanish together this month.

Sophie is quite capable of turning her whole body around, but whether she's on the floor, one of our knees or being held while standing up she often prefers to turn her head at crazy angles to see something of interest.

Katie became obsessed with counting this month and learned to count to ten in English and French and to five in German. Wherever we are she demands that we count random things. Usually her demands are reasonable - count the number of eggs in a picture or horizontal wires in a fence, but occasionally she will ask to count things like snowflakes, squares on her gingham dress or stones in a wall. She seems most dissatisfied when I reply 'lots'!

The bedroom is currently the place to be, with Katie demanding to go and root through Mummy and Daddy's drawers every couple of hours. She has begun to play dress up with our clothes and also to have imaginary tea parties with the family and her soft toys. Katie also enjoys learning songs and is beginning to sing along and recite her favourite books as we read them to her.

Sophie had a difficult month. Unlike Katie at her age she finds it very hard to go to sleep and will scream at the top of her lungs before dropping off. She won't sleep on the floor or in the bouncer and hates being confined in any way. She spent much of the month crying and it felt like having a newborn all over again. According to google she is a 'high needs baby', but hopefully things will get easier soon. Poor Katie is sleep deprived too due to being woken so often in the night.


  1. Sounds like a difficult, if very rewarding, month for you all. I am so impressed with all the languages|

  2. Lovely to be able to watch them grow up and hearing what is happening.
    This is Jo, dont know why this is coming through hello@liverpoolempowermentcentre even though the link I accessed this from is on my joedwards9@gmail.com.....