Friday, 1 June 2018

April & May 2018

Many members of our family visited in April to greet the new arrival

Grandma Linda

Grandpa and Grandma Jo

Auntie Bryony and Uncle Mark brought Toby to Frog End for the first time. We took a trip to NT Killerton, played ball in the local park and had lots of time catching up at home.

Thanks to everyone who made the long journey south to see us.

Due to the constant cycle of feeding and winding we didn't have as many family trips out as we would have liked, but we made sure that Katie got out for some exercise most days, even if only accompanied by one parent.

NT Killerton:

A trip to Stover Country Park for Mummy's birthday

We also bought Katie a pikler triangle to exercise at home

Katie made huge strides with her vocabulary in April and May and successfully learned to identify basic colours.

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