Monday, 23 July 2018

June 2018

Sophie became three months old in June and almost half Katie's weight. By the end of the month she was able to change direction when on her back, roll over onto her side (though unlike Katie she's been able to do that since birth) and turn a little to her left or right while on her tummy. She loves playing with toys, her hands, grabbing Mummy's hair and chewing on her dresses.

Both Katie and Sophie received a gift of Freddie the firefly (from different people). Sophie's is proving just as popular as Katie's was

Katie became a little chatterbox this month and began saying several new words a day. Unfortunately this means that she's now able to communicate and make lots of demands such as 'out', 'trip', 'home', 'bread', 'train' (when she wants to watch her favourite youtube coloured trains video). Most annoyingly she's begun asking us to 'move' for no apparent reason, simply because she wants to sit where we are!

Katie is really enjoying listening to French and demands that we put it on several times a day. Since she's now so familiar with English words I began teaching her French vocabulary in addition to her listening to language courses. She now knows more words for parts of the body than I did for my GCSE French. We shall begin learning animals next, especially those that appear in her favourite books.

Katie loves having stories read to her and Ian and I are getting pretty good at reciting several of her favourites by heart, especially those by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. Katie was amazed to see that 'Stick Man' had been made into a film, but she isn't used to watching television so only got half way through before she became too restless to watch any more.

Most days Katie takes a trip to the park at the back of our house and she's now brave enough to go on some of the play equipment, including the balance beams, slide and up the steps to a little wooden bridge. Sadly there are no swings suitable for her age group so we shall have to go elsewhere for her to try some (she won't remember the ones she went on last summer).

Katie still likes trying on Mummy and Daddy's shoes

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