Thursday, 8 March 2018

February 2018

Katie absolutely adores looking at books. Her favourite is the First Thousand Words in French that Grandpa was kind enough to send. She only knows a handful of French words from the book since she is using it to point at the pictures and learn all the English words first. She is listening to French and German language courses every day though so hopefully when she learns to say the words her accent will be better than Mummy's and Daddy's. 

Going out for a walk in February involves lots of wrapping up against the cold

Katie is slowly learning to talk, but is not a natural talker. She does chatter a lot, but she has favourite letters and is very slow to pick up a new one. Instead she prefers to replace letters she cannot say with ones that she can and to learn random words that are not particularly useful, but that contain the letters she knows. Thus she can make a pretty good attempt at 'pom pom' and 'map', but still can't say Mummy or Daddy (she struggles with the 'ee' sound). Her favourite words all start with 'b', though her attempts at 'bird', 'bib', 'bus' and 'bump' all sound quite similar to 'burp'!

Daddy managed to find Katie a real ladybird. Thankfully she was in her highchair at the time as she was very keen to play with it!

Mummy and Daddy bought some new furniture for Katie's future bedroom, including some storage cubes. Katie likes to sit in this one in particular.

In addition to looking at books, Katie's favourite activity is looking out of the lounge window. She used to stand on the windowsill, but now only does this for short periods. Instead she will sit on the windowsill in a precarious position with Mummy or Daddy standing behind her to prevent her from falling off or more sensibly sit with the armchair behind her so that she has something to lean on. Often she will sit on the cushion at the back of the armchair and place her feet on the windowsill or even sit or stand between the cushion and the back of the armchair (the safest and therefore least favoured position, but the only one it's easy to photograph her in as I don't have to stand so close behind her).

Walking on the balance beam Daddy made for her

Waggling her ears!

For a week in February Katie went through a silly phase of walking around with her head on one side. She suffered a fair few bumps in the process, but soon grew out of it and switched to walking on tip toes instead.

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