Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Early March 2018

It snowed quite heavily in Devon for once, so much so that Katie found it too difficult to walk in. It didn't help that it rained soon after the first snow and the rain froze, leaving an icy crust on top of the snow. Katie lost her shoe after only a few paces, gave up and sat down, but enjoyed watching the changing scene from the windows.

Katie has recently taken an interest in learning the alphabet. We had read that it is better to teach her whole words than individual letters, but since she is so keen to point them out we figure that it's okay. She now knows letters A, C, O, S, T, U and W and can even pick them out on a computer keyboard

Katie loves trying on big shoes

She also insists on wearing one of her activity rings on her head whenever she is in the lounge. Mummy is usually given one to wear too and every few minutes Katie will decide that the colour isn't right and change which ones we're wearing.

To improve her upper body strength, Katie has begun walking on her hands, wheelbarrow style, with the help of Mummy and Daddy.

We had hoped that Sophie would have arrived to join us by Mother's Day, but like her big sister she has decided to be late. Hopefully it won't be long now.

Like her Mummy and Daddy Katie loves animals and she was lucky enough to see her first fox quite close up when one visited the back garden

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  1. Lovely to be able to keep up with Katie's progress. Snow, wheelbarrowing, big shoes and a beautiful fox - what an exacting time.