Friday, 2 February 2018

January 2018

In January Katie continued her run of medical problems, though these were largely undiagnosed. This, together with the cold weather, limited her time outdoors, but she did take several walks with Daddy. Katie especially loves watching buses, lorries and cars and often stops to watch whenever they pass by.

Katie continues to adore climbing above all other physical activities. She learned to climb the sofa and then to reach the light switch, to climb into her high chair and other feats.

 "I can learn to climb vertical surfaces, right?"

Mummy did some research regarding puzzles and then bought Katie some peg puzzles to begin with. Her first was one depicting various vehicles, since Katie loves anything with wheels.

Katie also loves ladybirds. Grandpa was kind enough to send her a postcard covered in them and she actually paused her lunch (which is unheard of) to point them all out

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