Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Ultimate high stake ring stacking

(for one or more players aged 10+)

Today Katie invented a new game...

UHS Ring Stacking requires 12 stacking rings (pictured) and a flight of steep stairs.

Players start at the bottom of the stairs with the rings all over the floor.

Begin by placing the stacking pole two steps up, collect up the rings and stack them on the pole.

When all the rings have been successfully stacked, the pole is moved up two steps and the rings emptied down the stairs, with some usually clattering down as far as the bottom.

The game seems to stop two steps below the top of the stairs. Play can continue, but without advancing any higher.

Katie demonstrating the principal dangers of UHS-RS
(this was a complete demonstration that nearly ended in her landing on her head...)

Other dangers include leaning too far backwards whilst applauding oneself.

1 comment:

  1. Leaning too far backwards whilst applauding oneself is something Katie's Mummy once tried on a bed. Fortunately the floor broke her fall.