Thursday, 14 December 2017

December part I

In preparation for winter Katie decided to try on her new snowsuit. It's rather large, but she enjoyed wearing it nonetheless.

Katie took another long trip Northwards with Mummy and Daddy this December to see various family members at Christmas time.  After 8 hours of travelling Katie was very relieved to arrive at Grandma's house in Formby.

Katie met her Great Grandad in Cumbria the next day.

On the third day of the trip Katie began to feel unwell and it turned out that she had a mild form of the measles as a side effect of the MMR vaccine. She did really well coping with all the travel whilst feeling so unwell.

Time for some family photos on her last night in the north.

Katie saw her first snow at Grandpa's house on the Wirral. We had photos in the front garden before we even stepped into the house

and then some more in the back garden after lunch

Playing at Grandpa's house

When all the visiting was done Katie was exhausted and so she slept all the way from the Wirral to Birmingham. She awoke to find us travelling through deep snow and kept pointing out the window at it in her excitement.

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  1. Despite the measles and all the travelling Katie was wonderfully happy and smiley at Grandpa's.