Saturday, 14 October 2017


In mid-August Katie began walking. Only two weeks later she walked into Mummy and Daddy's wicker washing basket and managed to gain a big scratch down her nose from a piece of wicker that was unfortunately sticking out. Photographs in the month of September were therefore few and far between.

Taken on Mummy's phone in the car (pre-injury!)

Up to no good - attempting to remove the socket covers!

Is it a little girl or a Sith apprentice in disguise?

Watching the swans, ducks and other birds at Stover Country Park

Katie discovered gravity at the age of exactly 11 months when she realised that she could slide blocks down a clothes storage case that was temporarily lying on the futon (which happens to slope downwards). She decided that this was the best game ever and as such we had to keep the storage case out for over a week until she'd played the game so many times that it no longer interested her.

If you watch the video, do make sure that you switch the sound on - Katie's laughing has everyone in stitches.

Her nose was healing well by the end of the month


  1. I wonder whether Isaac Newton got that excited when he discovered gravity!?

  2. What a brilliant laugh! I shall access that video any time I feel down. Thanks Katie (and Dad and Mum).