Sunday, 6 August 2017


Out and about in the English countryside

Great Uncle GB brought Grandpa down to Devon for a visit this month. They stayed at The Fisherman's Cot in Bickleigh, but visited three days in a row.

The television was on for once while we waited for them to arrive (Mummy has it on for two weeks a year to watch Wimbledon)

Playing with Grandpa

Having fun at Dart's Farm

Look at my big blue eyes Grandpa

Three generations of the Edwards family

Sometimes life is just too tiring for a little girl

Katie went with Mummy and Daddy to Otterton Mill on their wedding anniversary. She enjoyed watching a big white duck in the pen near the orchard and then went for a trip in her pushchair down the riverside path. At one point Katie got out for some photographs and spent some time playing on a bench.

'The owl who was afraid of the dark' came with us for a walk at Columbjohn Wood and couldn't resist trying out a tree or two


  1. I loved seeing the Owl who was afraid of the dark in her hole in the tree.
    What lovely memories this website will bring back as the years go on.

  2. The hole in the tree may well still exist in 10-20 years -- the tree is at Killerton (roughly 50.793914, -3.464420).