Saturday, 31 December 2016

Christmas 2016

Grandma Linda visited for Christmas

Three generations of childhood bunnies - Katie's currently looks the least chewed...

 Presents were wrapped

Katie had to share the back of the car with the Christmas tree!

Festive attire

Watching The Snowman on Christmas Eve

Present were unwrapped!

Christmas day outing to Ellerhayes bridge and Columbjohn wood

Packing up the Christmas decorations with Snowball and Mummy.


  1. What lovely Christmas pictures - Baby Katie looks like she had a very nice 1st Christmas time :) xxx The sleigh of presents is a very nice idea.

  2. Baby Katie has lots of presents :) It's nice to see Snowball is keeping Katie company at bedtime over the Christmas period!

  3. Beautiful everything looks so crisp and clean and christmassy colourful. Love all the wrappings - both of presents and people.😊

  4. How absolutely lovely. Special times Katie's first Christmas. Love the tradition of the bears, lovely pictures