Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Winter begins

A misty morning

Christmas Lights switch on

Each year our winter lights get switched on on 1st December

Solo town adventure

Whilst Mummy was getting her hair cut, Katie and Daddy undertook their first solo venture, and set off into the city centre to buy oregano and more muslins!

Mummy getting a trim

Six weeks old today. Katie at Princesshay in central Exeter in front of the large outdoor Christmas tree 

Out and About with the Sling

Seven weeks old today - meeting Iorek Byrnison at Otter Nurseries

It was a big day -  Ian and Katie went to Tesco in the evening...

 Katie can't bring herself to look at the cost on the shelves and at the checkout (neither can daddy)!

Outside the store in her trolley bucket seat

Lemon Rose

Lots of smiles

Enjoying the new baby bouncer

Smile for the camera Roland!

Eat, Activity, Sleep, You time.  It's all so EASY.

Katie can support her own weight and is balancing quite well on her feet too.

Another trip out!

 Mummy and daughter clothes drying


  1. Katie seems to be sleeping very well for a few hours overnight now - but just been woken by Roland, scratching at the door wanting an early breakfast. Grrrr - Tabbies!

  2. What big eyes you have, Katie Rose. And what a great smile. Such lovely pictures and that last one is just perfect!

  3. Absolutely lovely. Iposted a comment couple of days ago but doesn't seem to have gone through for some reason. Anyway, was saying love the picture of the two pairs of trousers..... must say assumed they were Ian's given the huge difference and the fact that Helen is so petite - wow, be interesting to take such a photo over the years ....

    Love the blog, lovely to share what is happening with you as a family