Monday, 24 February 2014

I'm finally getting it done

It's been 31 months since Ian and I got married. We had two wonderful photographers, and several family members also took lots of photographs so the task of creating a wedding photo album has always been a very exciting, but also daunting prospect. Of course I could throw together an album in only a few hours - in fact I have done so for my mother, but I wanted our album to be special and 'just right'. Inevitably that has led to a huge delay in me getting round to making it, but I have finally started. I'm actually quite glad that we delayed because the majority of wedding album companies use leather for their covers and with becoming vegan neither of us would want that.

So far it has taken me several hours a day for six days and I'm only about half way through, but I'm getting much better at using the photo editing software and learning about what layouts do and do not work.

I'm using software called BookSmart, but most of the photo editing is being done in other programs. When it's finished I'll upload the book to the website where anyone will be able to view (or even buy) it. I'd highly recommend BookSmart for anyone considering making a photo book - it's so much more advanced than any software I've used before and you can create custom layouts, which has made the task a lot easier.

A few of the pages I've made so far...

The Elliott children:

Exchanging rings:

Our wonderful guests:

I shall put a link to the album on this blog when it's available to view online.

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