Saturday, 14 October 2017


In mid-August Katie began walking. Only two weeks later she walked into Mummy and Daddy's wicker washing basket and managed to gain a big scratch down her nose from a piece of wicker that was unfortunately sticking out. Photographs in the month of September were therefore few and far between.

Taken on Mummy's phone in the car (pre-injury!)

Up to no good - attempting to remove the socket covers!

Is it a little girl or a Sith apprentice in disguise?

Watching the swans, ducks and other birds at Stover Country Park

Katie discovered gravity at the age of exactly 11 months when she realised that she could slide blocks down a clothes storage case that was temporarily lying on the futon (which happens to slope downwards). She decided that this was the best game ever and as such we had to keep the storage case out for over a week until she'd played the game so many times that it no longer interested her.

If you watch the video, do make sure that you switch the sound on - Katie's laughing has everyone in stitches.

Her nose was healing well by the end of the month

Friday, 15 September 2017


In August Katie took her second trip North to visit family. Though the intention was for her to go as far as Cumbria, she had trouble sleeping away from home and so we didn't make things more difficult by adding another 5 hours in the car seat to her itinerary.

Playing in the back of the car at the service station

She did make it to Formby, where she saw Grandma Linda, Auntie Bryony, Uncle Mark, cousin Toby and Uncle Mark's parents Mick and Pauline.

We then took a trip to Preston to meet Katie's other cousins Leona, Hugo and Pharrell (and of course Uncle Gary and Auntie Dewi too). Katie got a lovely set of Mog books from the Elliott family - thank you.

Eating in the car... I wonder if I can fit the whole new potato in my mouth in one go?

Enjoying some time at home after all the travelling

This month Katie learned to climb down off the sofa, futon and Mummy and Daddy's bed and to climb down the stairs. She also began bouncing and rolling a ball and playing peekaboo (or 'Where's Katie' as we call it at Frog End).

The study is now divided into two - Katie's half, in which there is the futon, tall cupboard, radiator (for crashing toys against of course) and lots of toys, and our half, containing two desks, computers and lots of dangerous cables. Katie likes to attempt to scale the railings to climb to the 'interesting' side.

 Katie's first trip to Little Bradley Ponds, one of Mummy's favourite nature reserves

Sunday, 6 August 2017


Out and about in the English countryside

Great Uncle GB brought Grandpa down to Devon for a visit this month. They stayed at The Fisherman's Cot in Bickleigh, but visited three days in a row.

The television was on for once while we waited for them to arrive (Mummy has it on for two weeks a year to watch Wimbledon)

Playing with Grandpa

Having fun at Dart's Farm

Look at my big blue eyes Grandpa

Three generations of the Edwards family

Sometimes life is just too tiring for a little girl

Katie went with Mummy and Daddy to Otterton Mill on their wedding anniversary. She enjoyed watching a big white duck in the pen near the orchard and then went for a trip in her pushchair down the riverside path. At one point Katie got out for some photographs and spent some time playing on a bench.

'The owl who was afraid of the dark' came with us for a walk at Columbjohn Wood and couldn't resist trying out a tree or two

Friday, 30 June 2017


At the beginning of June we took an early evening walk at Killerton House and Gardens. Katie wore a new dress and enjoyed standing in the grass and exploring another log. Katie loves nothing more than to giggle and smile, but since the day she was born she has struggled to do so once the camera has come out. Not this day!

A week later we took our car in for its MOT and it never came back. By the end of the month we had bought another car, but in the meantime we weren't able to get out for any trips to the countryside. 

We did spend lots of quality time with Katie at Frog End.  There was a heatwave, which meant that she spent over a week wearing just a nappy and we spent the week opening and closing windows and curtains in an attempt to cool down the house. The weather then gradually cooled down and on the day we bought the new car the heavens opened.

Katie became extremely mobile this month, creeping, pulling herself up into a standing position, cruising all around the study and lounge and climbing all over everything and anything (especially Mummy and Daddy). 

She finally learned to pull herself up into a sitting position, which has made bedtimes more interesting as she tends to instantly abandon lying down in favour of sitting up and looking around. She even learned to climb the stairs (with Mummy or Daddy close behind to make sure that she didn't fall). 

Katie loves her food, especially breakfast. I'm not sure if that's because it's sweet (she usually has cereal with fruit) or if it is simply because she hasn't eaten for so long.

She even likes conversations about food (though to be honest the giggles usually appear whenever Mummy does a silly voice). 

Katie continued to try lots of new foods, including:

Veg: lambs lettuce, cauliflower, watercress, pak choi, turnip, little gem lettuce.
Fruit: red cherry, pomegranate, lychee, gooseberry, nectarine, lemon, black cherry, pineapple.
Grains: wheat berries, red rice, green wheat, black barley, arborio rice.
Pulses: kidney beans, pinto beans, flageolet beans, cannellini beans, aduki beans.
Nuts & seeds: walnuts, buckwheat.
Herbs: garden mint.
Spices: cayenne peppe.
Others: green pesto, nutritional yeast, houmous, shiitake mushrooms, margarine.

For her first trip out in the new car we took Katie to B&Q. She sat in a child's trolley seat (as opposed to a baby one) for the first time and had a wonderful time looking around the store.

Next month, Katie will have another visit from Grandpa and will meet Great Uncle GB for the first time. We are warning you both in advance that she likes all things that are expensive, breakable and if they're dangerous too then she considers that to be a bonus (e.g., glasses, phones, tablets). To be fair she's only destroyed a remote control and a door stop so far, but we have to be extremely vigilant!

Wednesday, 31 May 2017


In May the weather improved dramatically so Katie (and Mummy and Daddy) got out for lots of trips to the countryside. This gave her the opportunity to start wearing all the summer bonnets she's been given (even though they are still a little large).

Katie loves looking at the river Culm from the car park at Ellerhayes Bridge and may have seen her first mayfly (though it was hard to tell if she was following it with her eyes).

Katie finally became interested in animals and enjoyed watching the ducks and a swan at Bicton Park

She now loves crawling over to the tabbies and pestering them, but both are quite quick to scratch so Mummy and Daddy often have to intervene.

At seven months old Katie got out of the pushchair to see her first cows, although they got a little friendly and interested in her pushchair so we all had to get going pretty quick after we took some photographs.

Mummy's birthday walk along the River Bovey at Parke

We bought a remote control for Mummy's camera so there should hopefully be more photos of all three of us from now on.


Katie enjoyed watching all the dogs playing in the river

and bravely dipped her foot in the water

Exploring an oak tree

 Katie loves playing with faces

 Pulling Daddy's ears

Out and about in the sling

Exploring a log

Having fun in the front garden

At the beginning of the month Katie started playing with the blocks she had been given by Grandpa and Grandma Jo

Katie began crawling properly this month and discovered that she could leave a room by herself when she crawled from the study to the landing to see the vacuum cleaner. Daddy and Mummy managed to encourage her to keep crawling as far as the nursery. She was very tired and thirsty by the time that she got there.
She also spent a lot of time standing up and now enjoys having her back to the support (usually the futon or sofa, but in this case, Daddy) as well as facing it.

She has also begun side stepping whilst holding on to the sofa for support. She especially likes trying to get to the cat bed (preferably whilst Misty is in it).

Katie started to eat a variety of foods, adding nuts, seeds, pulses, herbs and spices to her diet. She tried the following foods in May (including a couple that Mummy and Daddy hadn't tried before they were at least 30 years old!):

Veg: onion, garlic, celery, leek, butternut squash, red pepper, aubergine, swede, tomato, sweetcorn, beetroot.
Fruit: prune, raspberry, blackcurrant, strawberry, passion fruit, guava, watermelon, red grape, kiwi fruit, blueberry, blackberry, red currant.
Grains: readybrek, millet, pasta, cous cous, bulgur wheat.
Pulses: yellow split peas, green lentils, butter beans, puy lentils, chickpeas, soya yoghurt, black beans.
Nuts & seeds: hazelnut, peanut, almond, quinoa, chia seeds, coconut.
Herbs: thyme, oregano, sage, mixed herbs, mint, rosemary, golden marjoram, chives, lemon balm.
Spices: cinnamon, mild chilli powder, ground ginger, ground cumin, curry powder, nutmeg, all spice, turmeric, paprika, garam masala, vanilla.