Thursday, 30 November 2017


Daddy was away for a few days at Halloween, so Katie only explored her pumpkin in early November.

'What do I do with it Mummy?'

Very happy to have Daddy home again

Mummy was very excited when Katie's mini beasts arrived. These were bought with some of Katie's birthday money.

By the end of November, Katie had been walking for 11 weeks, but walking indoors in tights or bare feet and walking outdoors in shoes on uneven ground are two very different things. Katie began practicing by wearing her new harness and reins (so that Mummy and Daddy could prevent her from falling and hitting her head).

'I think I'll cling onto Mummy and Daddy on this sloping ground'

Leaning a little against a sturdy tree

Clinging onto her stacking rings during a little photo shoot on Mummy and Daddy's bed.

Are we walking or dancing?

Fly agarics everywhere

Sadly at the end of November the vet agreed that Misty was on her last legs and the kindest thing to do was to put her down. Rest in peace little Mistypuss.

Katie loves Roland, but he's unsure whether or not to return her affection.

Katie has started to actually see things in pictures, so books are finally no longer simply objects she would like to chew. Katie likes to point at the pictures and have Mummy and Daddy tell her the names of things. She can now point out a few different things (mostly animals) when asked to find them on a page and especially likes pictures of cats.

Next month it will be Katie's second Christmas. Time flies!

Thursday, 16 November 2017


Autumn arrived in October. We took a trip to Killerton's orchard, just before the apples were harvested for their annual apple festival.

Katie does not believe in wearing socks (her feet were tucked straight back into the cosy toes after the above photos were taken) so we had her feet measured in the hope that some shoes might keep her socks or tights on in the colder weather. Katie wasn't initially sure what her first shoes were for, but enjoyed playing with them before she started learning to walk in them.

Katie met her first hedgehog, who seems to be living in the front garden at Frog End

October also marked Katie's first birthday. Grandpa and Grandma Jo came to visit for the occasion, but Katie had difficulty waiting for them to arrive and was hoping to be posted along with their anniversary present.

The night before her birthday, after Katie had gone to bed and Grandpa and Grandma Jo had left for their hotel, Mummy blew up lots of yellow balloons and Daddy performed various feats of balance to hang them about the house. Mummy finished the last minute preparations for the birthday lunch and iced the cupcakes (which Katie didn't like, but everyone else did!) and then it was strictly

Katie was quite tired for the early part of her birthday, having had trouble sleeping the night before,

but after her afternoon nap she perked right up and was especially excited to play with her new Zany Zoo from Mummy and Daddy.

Thank you to everyone who bought Katie presents and cards and to Grandpa and Grandma Jo for coming all this way to help us to celebrate.

Only a week after her birthday, Katie found out that she was going to have a little sister. This photo was actually taken in July when Mummy and Daddy found out the good news

Saturday, 14 October 2017


In mid-August Katie began walking. Only two weeks later she walked into Mummy and Daddy's wicker washing basket and managed to gain a big scratch down her nose from a piece of wicker that was unfortunately sticking out. Photographs in the month of September were therefore few and far between.

Taken on Mummy's phone in the car (pre-injury!)

Up to no good - attempting to remove the socket covers!

Is it a little girl or a Sith apprentice in disguise?

Watching the swans, ducks and other birds at Stover Country Park

Katie discovered gravity at the age of exactly 11 months when she realised that she could slide blocks down a clothes storage case that was temporarily lying on the futon (which happens to slope downwards). She decided that this was the best game ever and as such we had to keep the storage case out for over a week until she'd played the game so many times that it no longer interested her.

If you watch the video, do make sure that you switch the sound on - Katie's laughing has everyone in stitches.

Her nose was healing well by the end of the month

Friday, 15 September 2017


In August Katie took her second trip North to visit family. Though the intention was for her to go as far as Cumbria, she had trouble sleeping away from home and so we didn't make things more difficult by adding another 5 hours in the car seat to her itinerary.

Playing in the back of the car at the service station

She did make it to Formby, where she saw Grandma Linda, Auntie Bryony, Uncle Mark, cousin Toby and Uncle Mark's parents Mick and Pauline.

We then took a trip to Preston to meet Katie's other cousins Leona, Hugo and Pharrell (and of course Uncle Gary and Auntie Dewi too). Katie got a lovely set of Mog books from the Elliott family - thank you.

Eating in the car... I wonder if I can fit the whole new potato in my mouth in one go?

Enjoying some time at home after all the travelling

This month Katie learned to climb down off the sofa, futon and Mummy and Daddy's bed and to climb down the stairs. She also began bouncing and rolling a ball and playing peekaboo (or 'Where's Katie' as we call it at Frog End).

The study is now divided into two - Katie's half, in which there is the futon, tall cupboard, radiator (for crashing toys against of course) and lots of toys, and our half, containing two desks, computers and lots of dangerous cables. Katie likes to attempt to scale the railings to climb to the 'interesting' side.

 Katie's first trip to Little Bradley Ponds, one of Mummy's favourite nature reserves